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Naked Teppanyaki

No, dear readers, you did not misread the title. A bunch of us decided to have Teppanyaki at the “MixC mall” last night. Some of the rooms have glass walls that overlook the mall itself. When we walked past this room, we literally had to do a...
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How old? Shen Ma?

So, this us a whole new level for me. The lady on the right with the jeans and leopard print skirt is quite normal. Leopard skin hot pants, thigh high leather boots and “Nora batty’s” (winter option) is quite normal. …but how old is the...
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Not today, Mr. Wu

The traffic is increasingly worse as the 2nd and 3rd ring roads have closed for approx. 1 year whilst Shenyang updates itself for the big games it is hosting next year. Because of this, there is a little bit more driving on the pavements than...
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