Mission 23: CRS-8, Land on sea, Biglelow

Mission 23: CRS-8, Land on sea, Biglelow

Hey Space Fans!

Last night we did a couple of things:

  • Launched our first Dragon spaceship to the Space Station since last summer
  • Landed the first stage on the drone ship for the first time (2nd landing overall)

This was the last spacecraft/mission I worked on at SpaceX, so it's also nice to leave on a high.  Here are 2 videos of the landing:

The landing as seen from the chase plane

The landing as seen from Falcon


One of the pieces of cargo is very interesting.  It's an expandable module for the ISS that will prove-out the functionality for Mars missions and space tourism.  It is a commercially built expandable module by Bigelow Aerospace who want to build the first hotel in orbit which could eventually look something like this...

This is a animation of its installation at the ISS.

So that really was my last mission.  I will personally continue to follow SpaceX (after all, I need to keep an eye on my shares!), but this will be my last update to you all.  I hope you had fun reading them.  For those of you that also followed (and laughed) at the blog I wrote on my observations in China, I still keep one going and you can always find my latest observations here.

/James out.

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