I’m betting on Dwight

I’m betting on Dwight

I have been trying to close my unused eBay account for 6 months. It is permanently in a state of being closed. However it has not actually closed.

Here follows a transcript of my conversation with them...

12:29:53 UTC Soniya Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Soniya. I would be happy to help you today. Please stay connected while I review your query.

12:30:00 UTC ukjames14 OK

12:32:37 UTC Soniya Hello James.

12:32:40 UTC Soniya I will need 2 to 3 minutes to pull this information and investigate this for you. Please stay connected to the chat so I can check this for you.

12:32:49 UTC ukjames14 OK

12:34:58 UTC Soniya Thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience.

12:35:02 UTC Soniya In order to resolve your issue, I will connect you with relevant team now. Just to let you know that there may be a wait time before you’re connected to a representative this department. May I transfer the chat?

12:35:11 UTC ukjames14 OK

12:35:22 UTC Soniya Thank you for confirming. Kindly stay connected while I transfer the chat.

12:36:38 UTC Reachell Welcome to eBay Live Chat, my name is Reachell. I’ll be glad to assist you with your query. Kindly give me a minute or two to check your conversation with my colleague.

12:36:46 UTC ukjames14 OK

12:37:33 UTC Reachell Hello James, good afternoon. I hope that you are doing good today.

12:38:12 UTC ukjames14 I am OK, thanks.

12:39:07 UTC Reachell That’s good to know.

12:39:54 UTC Reachell As I understood, this is regarding your account which is still under the process of being closed when you requested for closure a long time ago, is that correct?

12:40:35 UTC ukjames14 yes, correct.

12:41:24 UTC Reachell Thank you for confirming.

12:42:04 UTC Reachell I am sorry for the inconvenience and if you have been misrouted but no worries for this to be processed for you, let me connect you to our specialized team to further assist you with your account’s closure. Shall I go ahead and transfer you now?

12:44:16 UTC Reachell Are you still with me? I don’t mean to rush you. I just want to make sure that we’re still connected. [note: she only gave me 12 seconds to answer before checking I was still there]

12:44:28 UTC ukjames14 I am here

12:44:38 UTC ukjames14 yes, please transfer

12:45:03 UTC Reachell Thank you, just please stay connected.

12:45:33 UTC Mayur Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Mayur. Let me review your previous chat transcript, or if you wish you can summarise it for me.

12:46:29 UTC Mayur Hello James

12:46:46 UTC ukjames14 Hello

12:46:46 UTC Mayur I am sorry to know that you are facing issue with closing your account.

12:46:48 UTC Mayur Please do not worry I will surely try my best to assist you in this regards.

12:46:58 UTC ukjames14 OK

12:47:11 UTC Mayur Will it be alright if I take 2-3 minutes to check this for you?

12:47:31 UTC ukjames14 sure

12:48:33 UTC Mayur Just to confirm are you willing to close your account right away? If yes, then we do have a team who can help you out with it. Shall I connect this chat to them?

12:48:46 UTC ukjames14 yes!

12:49:03 UTC Mayur Thank you for the confirmation, please stay connected while I am transferring your chat to them.

12:49:15 UTC ukjames14 you are the 5th person I have been connected to in this chat…

12:50:02 UTC ukjames14 …sorry, 3rd. it just feels like you’re the 5th…

12:49:59 UTC Dwight Welcome to eBay Live Help and my name is Dwight. Please bear with me for a minute or two to check your previous conversation with the other representative.

12:50:12 UTC ukjames14 OK

12:50:39 UTC ukjames14 are you lucky number 4, Dwight? 🙂

12:51:16 UTC Dwight Hello James. Good afternoon.

12:52:10 UTC Dwight I do apologise for the inconvenience because you have transferred several times.

12:53:07 UTC Dwight As I understand your concern, I can see that you want to close this account. No worries, I will do my best to help you with this.

12:53:17 UTC ukjames14 OK

12:54:41 UTC Dwight Thank you for waiting.

12:55:20 UTC Dwight I have now closed this account. This process will take 5 days to make this account totally closed.

12:55:45 UTC ukjames14 thanks. I will check it in 6 days.

12:55:59 UTC Dwight You’re most welcome.

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